Early Years Education & Kindergarten

Early Years Education (2-3 Years Old)
Kindergarten (4-6 Years Old)

Hua Xia International School provides a safe and cosy environment for children to explore, play, and learn. Our centre is a stimulating, child-centred environment where every child can thrive. By building positive and caring relationships with children, our teachers create a warm, welcoming and secure setting in which your child feels valued.

Hua Xia International School – Early Years emphasises on a vibrant and varied curriculum with a wealth of opportunities to explore and learn. Hua Xia adopts Cambridge curriculum standards to ensure that children are learning effectively at this very beginning stages of education.

We believe that children deserve secure, safe and happy childhood memories while obtaining academic and social skills. Therefore, specific educational programs and curriculum have been carefully designed by our professional and certified educators.

Qualified Professionals in Early Childhood Education

Our teachers are qualified and well trained in Early Childhood Education. They have in depth understanding of what they teach and always keep up with the rapidly expanding knowledge base.

Our teachers encourage children’s engagement in learning and responsibility, additionally, our teachers are compassionate and thoughtful to provide continual assessments and feedbacks of students to ensure that children learn happily and effectively at Hua Xia.

Subjects and Learning Areas