Culture & Safety in Kuala Lumpur

A Multi-Ethic City

Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia. Malaysia is a multicultural and religiously diverse country. There are three main ethic group which is Malay, Chinese and Indian. Due to Malaysia’s colonial past, English remain to be the most important language in the business context as well as education, besides, Mandarin is also commonly used in Malaysia. In some respects, a socially conservative country.

Kuala Lumpur naturally attracts most expats coming to work in Malaysia as a national capital city. The living standard is relatively cheaper if compared to Singapore and Hong Kong, it offers above average quality of life but a significantly less expensive living cost.

Tropical Climate & Humidity

Due to the combination of high temperatures and abundant rain, expats moving to Kuala Lumpur usually take a while to adapt the tropical climate. It is particularly humid during the Monsoon season.


Expats living in Kuala Lumpur should beware of snatch theft, pickpocketing, motor vehicle theft, and scams. Apart from that, it is a comparatively safe city.